Kusabi is on his way home. The silhouette of a man comes into the view of his car’s headlights. The man holds a severed head in his left hand, a gun in his right. He shoots once and runs. Kusabi makes contact via wireless radio and the Security Force moves out. The target heads into a building of unknown use, called “Cauliflower”. You, the player, are a certain member of the Security Force, and discover a distraught woman and a headless body. Following a fierce gun fight, you manage to corner the offender. Kusabi later arrives at the scene. An icy confrontation with the criminal awaits you...
All-Points Bulletin K15977836 was confined to the isolation ward until yesterday. However, he managed to escape and has already murdered three women while on the run. The locations of his offences suggest he is heading into the city. The Special Security Force is chasing him into the woods in an attempt to trap him, but it turns out that the manpossesses extraordinary combat abilities, wiping out nearly the entire force. The player is also severely wounded in the fighting. The man jumps into a river and manages to escape again. Now it is time for the HC Unit to join the investigation. By comparing data from the victims and tracing the criminal’s movements, they conclude that his next target is likely to be a woman called Ayame Shimohira. To ensure she is well protected, Sumio heads to her studio “Gladiolus”. An enticing, suggestive dialogue ensues between them. Is the culprit going to make a move?
Sumio and Kusabi wait three consecutive days for the criminal to show up. Then, an incident occurs in a C1 District apartment building. The body of someone who suffered an unnatural death, with a broken spine and bruises all over is discovered. Sumio and Kusabi are keeping watch for the criminal and cannot leave their position. Nobody knows where Morikawa is, and Nakategawa is not the type to dash straight into a crime scene. The only members of the 24 Wards Heinous Crimes Unit who are able to rush to the scene are Chizuru and a new member of the team: you, the player, who was wounded in the previous episode. There is one witness living at of the Typhoon residential complex where the incident took place, an elementary school child called Koichi. As part of the investigation process, the player must listen to Koichi’s story. The player learns of his best friend Hikaru,his parents’ divorce...and some suspicious points surrounding this incident arise.
The residence of the chairman of a group of companies known as Yukimura was destroyed in an explosion, leaving no trace of any remains. It was in such a state that it was impossible to even identify the bodies of the victims. A criminal declaration then arrived in the form of a video tape. It became clear that the chairman of Yukimura had been kidnapped. However there remained no clue as to the criminals’ motives. Investigation headquarters are located in the 24 Wards, but conflict emerges between the HC Unit and the Central Police Crime Investigation Advisor, Sakaguchi. Unfortunately, the explosion of the chairman’s house had taken place while Sumio and Kusabi had been keeping watch as part of their investigation, before their very eyes. A second tape contained a hidden message from the criminals.“July 26 th ...6000,0000,0000 yen diamond...” You, the player, have been assigned the task of handing over the ransom. But can this case be solved at the ransom stage? The focus shifts to the Yukimura group and Mikumo, the cursed site of the previous case.
The HC Unit arrests underground organizations that conduct human trafficking and trade of human organs. Recently the HC Unit has been dealing with more cases of network-based crime. The cause of singer and idol Sayaka Baian’s suicide was the mass leaking of stolen footage of her private life to the internet. The following day a feverous fan of Sayaka was arrested. Around this time, a small following for the activities of a certain group appeared online. The name of that group is “Method Tank”. They predict that the world will go through its largest change on September 9 th , 1999. Nakategawa of the HC Unit acquires information that Method Tank intends to use a computer virus to start up a nuclear weapon system hidden somewhere within the country. The Central Police are silent and watchful. What will happen on the 9 th of September 1999?
Important members of the state are getting killed one after another. The methods used in their assassination would seem to imply a message completely refuting the transition into an internet society. This would be no different to the methods of Uehara Kamui, who shook the world 20 years prior with the Silver Case. Has Kamui returned? Sumio and Kusabi are unable to find enough evidence to suggest Kamui is even a real person. Meanwhile, Morikawa and Chizuru investigate the top secret organization TRUMP. At this time, you, the player, meet the police reporter Moriyama and share your thoughts on the case. You tell Moriyama that Uehara was thought to be behind this incident, but the state organization TRUMP appear to be the real culprits, and warn that their members may be close by...

#25Kill the Life

The "Kanto 25th Ward" is a newly constructed utopian society based on the test sample of the 24 Wards. The 25th Ward was envisioned as a utopian society, free of discrimination and crime due to the efforts of organizations such as the Central Police Department's "Heinous Crimes Unit" and the Postal Federation's "Regional Adjustment Bureau" to eradicate any and all possible criminal elements from within the ward. However, one day, several mysterious dead bodies are discovered in the Bayside Tower Land apartment complex - the veritable center of the 25th Ward. One of them was the apartment complex's administrator, whose body was riddled with innumerable holes and found standing upright in an elevator; the other was a woman, with no visible injuries. Also found was a room filled with blood splattered everywhere. Now, the "Heinous Crimes Unit" and "Regional Adjustment Bureau" are both on the move, desperately racing to solve these sudden grotesque murders.

The 25th Ward: The Silver Casecomprises three stories based on these murders: "-Correctness-", which follows the Central Police Department's "Heinous Crimes Unit"; "-Matchmaker-", which follows the Postal Federation's "Regional Adjustment Bureau"; and "-Placebo-", which follows former journalist Tokio Morishima.